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Demonstrating the gains in production and profitability by taking a grass only system and enhancing it with high quality complementary feed.

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A little about us

Our products are intended to optimise milk production within New Zealand’s pasture based system, boosting the health and welfare of dairy cows and goats. Every dairy environment is unique and OSP Stock Feeds can offer products and tailored blends to suit various seasonal requirements.

Latest News

10 February 2020

OSP Demo Farm Update

2.2ms/cow feeding 2.5kg pke 1.5 kg ddg 0.7kg grain summer calving of 36 cows has gone very...

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1 August 2020

Milk Urea (MU)

Most Dairy Companies have been giving their suppliers their herd bulk milk,...

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22 April 2020

Stratford A & P Show

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20 August 2020

Meeting the Cows Needs

Understanding the analysis • The first step is to identify the cows’ allowances for...

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