Fieldays 2021

19 May 2021

You are welcome to visit to discuss your feed requirements for the 2021/22 Dairy Season with special emphasis on Non-GMO options and guidance on the importance of the feeding during transition period.

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Stratford A & P Show 2020

1 December 2020

Beledene Premier Winner

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Farming Mentor plays big role in Manager's win

26 August 2020

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Meeting the Cows Needs

20 August 2020

Understanding the analysis
• The first step is to identify the cows’ allowances for energy, protein, fibre and minerals based on bodyweight and yield.

• The next step is to determine the supply of nutrients from the feeds and supplements the cows are getting

• The difference between these two is the gap which needs to be filled. The mineral/trace element gap should be filled.

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Milk Urea (MU)

1 August 2020

Most Dairy Companies have been giving their suppliers their herd bulk milk, Milk Urea (MU) figure for some time now. For the last few weeks MU has been available on fencepost for Fonterra suppliers.

Over the last few weeks many farmers have been asking me questions about their MU levels and how this affects their herd production and reproduction.

Understanding your urea levels can help optimise farm performance, by improving rumen efficiency - conversion of feed to milk and also reduce the impact on environmental nitrogen loading, reduce animal stress and possibly improve herd fertility.

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Calcium Needs of a Dairy Cow

21 July 2020

When considering calcium in dairy cows, most people think of milk fever (clinical hypocalcaemia). This is something we can see but it is the unseen consequences of subclinical levels (lower than normal) of calcium in the blood that may have the greatest impact. Most commonly seen in mature cows around calving and early lactation (transition), hypocalcaemia can occur in any cattle at any time.

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Marginal Milk

19 May 2020

Best understood as the milk produced from the purchase of feed over and above what is produced within the farming system

It is only viable as long as the extra cost of producing the milk is less than the price being paid for the milk.

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Stratford A & P Show

22 April 2020

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