10 February 2020

2.5kg pke
1.5 kg ddg
0.7kg grain

summer calving of 36 cows has gone very smooth only got 2 left to calve.
at 11.5 % MTs in spring calvers 8 week mating.
will have to buy MTs in at end season to put to summer calving as that MT rate is to low.
Grass will grow now after this rain which will be good for second half season production.

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30 July 2019

Very good winter for growing grass. APC 2300 and we milked 90 cows through the winter. Now 10 calves on the ground and we are into calving exciting times! Count down. 190 cows to go. The winter milkers maintained over 2ms/cow over the winter.

The rapeseed crop worked really well. They milk off it well. Have better quality silage this year which helped as well. Best of luck to everyone for this up coming calving! Have FUN and enjoy yourselves!

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5 March 2019

Cow @ ms/cow 2.1
Feed 2.5 kg PKE, 2 kg Crushed Wheat, 1.5 kg DDG.
APC 2150.
Grass is growing so will start extending the round now.

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29 January 2019

Summer calving is almost over have 3 more cows to go.
Cows doing 2.2ms/cow
Feeding 1.3kg crushed wheat
1.3 kg ddg
1.3 kg pie
APC 2450
Just sprayed 4 ha to put rape in for winter milking.
Excellent summer grass at moment

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9 January 2019

28 cows in milk. Dry cows 50 will calve from 20th January. Ms/cow 2.2. Feed 2.5kg pke, 2.5 kg ddg, 1kg crushed wheat. Just had very good rain but need some follow up rain to really kick it in to gear.
Been doing lime and urea mix this season following the cows at 400kg. Will do 2 rounds at that which will give me 660kg lime and 2 rounds at 70kg urea.

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10 December 2018

Cows have come down in milk over the last week down to 2.2ms/cow
Feeding 1.3 kg crushed wheat, 1.3 kg ddg, 1.3 kg pke
Just starting mowing again as there a bit of stalk in the grass at moment.

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27 November 2018

Just dried off autumn calvers. They have done well they have milked for over 400 days now. They will calve 20th January.
Milking cows per/ha over summer is 3/ha.
Preparing some supplement. Already done 50 bales. Will try get another 150 bales.
Feeding 1.3 kg crushed wheat
1.3 kg ddg
1.3 kg pke
Cows doing 2.4ms/cow
The dry cows will be grazed on farm. They only need maintenance as all of them are over 5 condition already.
Through the really bad weather we did double feed them. They were getting 8 kg in total through the cow shed

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5 November 2018

Farm up date
2.4 ms/cow
Feeding 1.3 kg grain
1.3 kg ddg
1.3 kg pke
Plenty of grass at the moment
Only 17 calves still on milk.
Mating was on target before bad weather but now just drop below 90% target for submission rate.

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