OSP Demo Farm

To demonstrate the gains in production and profitability that can be made with relatively low capital investment by taking a grass only system and enhancing it with high quality complementary feed inputs fed through the milking parlour.

The concept of fully fed cows to be followed.

This to be achieved on a moderate sized production unit from the starting point of a below average herd of cows.

The Situation

Tomsett Dairy Ltd has purchased a property on the Riverton-Otautau Road. It is a north-east facing pasture only, 10 year old dairy farm conversion with a 20-a-side Herringbone milking shed that initially produced around 94,000 milk solids off 108 hectares milking a mature Fresian herd. Some grass silage was imported. A portion of the farm has been split off as a lifestyle block and it will now comprise 82 hectares effective with a further 3 hectares to be lost to winter crop production. The property is well appointed with assets in good condition and reasonable infrastructure such as good quality laneways. The farm will be managed by Nick Tomsett upon assuming ownership in the 2015/2016 season.

The Investment

Tomsett Dairy Ltd has purchased a herd of below average non-specific kiwi-cross bred cows, averaging 50BW and expected to be around 450Kg live weight. Mr. Bryan McKay of Dairy Production Systems Ltd has been appointed as an independent farm advisor. He will provide nutrition advice. OSP Stockfoods will provide the following capital inputs:

  • In-Shed feed system comprising 2 silos, mixing silo and liquid feeding capability.
  • “Pro-track” cow monitoring, including in-shed weighing and drafting facilities.

The Target

Season One

1 JULY 2015

TO 31 MAY 2016


MILKING ABOUT 250 cows, 510MS/COW = 125,000 MS OR 1,582 MS/HA

(Note a lot of feed will end up growing the cows in this first year and some of the cows will prove unable to cope with higher intakes, there will be some culling)


Milked 276 cows at peak.

Average of 550 MS/COW

152,086 kg M/S or 1949MS/HA

A great result for Nick, surpassing the Year 2 targets in his first season 

Summary of Key Facts 2015/16 Season

Season Two

1 JULY 2016

TO 31 MAY 2017


MILKING ABOUT 250 COWS, 140,000 ms OR 1,772 MS/HA

(Cows will have grown over the previous 12 months)


Milked 273 cows at peak

Average of 600 MS/COW

166,800 kg MS or 2,138 MS/HA

Another good year for Nick, surpassing the Season 3 targets.

The financial benefits of the system will become more pronounced in upcoming seasons if the milk solids price remains around $6.00 per kilogram

Summary of Key Facts 2016/2017 Season

Season Three

1 JULY 2017

TO 31 MAY 2018


MILKING ABOUT 250 COWS / 160,000 MS/COW AND 2,025 MS/HA.

Very ambitious targets.



Milked 260 cows at peak

Average of 650 MS/COW

171,024 kg MS or 2221 MS/HA

Summary of Key Facts 2017/2018 Season

The Payback

OSP Stockfeeds will be able to credibly demonstrate the benefits of their products.

Tomsett Dairy agrees to allow access (within acceptable guidelines) to property to enable OSP Stockfeeds to promote the concepts.

Tomsett Dairy Ltd – improved profitability and cow health/performance and capability.

Supplementary feeding philosophy

Firstly, pasture needs to be well managed and fully utilised. A typical NZ dairy cow can consume 15kg – 16kg of pasture per day. This is paramount. Supplementary feed should never be intended to displace well managed pasture.

The concept of Fully Fed Cows.

To achieve this, the optimal “fully fed” NZ Dairy Cow should have a Dry Matter Intake equivalent to 4% of its live weight. For a typical Friesian or Cross, this amounts to 20kg of dry matter per day. A typical Friesian or Cross can consume a maximum of 15-16kg pasture per day. This leaves a 4kg shortfall. Therefore a 4kg supplement needs to be fed in order to meet their fully fed potential.

It is what is in the 4kg supplement that makes all the difference.

Palatable, good quality feed, that includes essential macro and trace minerals for rumen health and animal well being, leads to high feed energy conversion efficiency.

• Improve the health of animals,
• Increase the amount of milk protein produced and,
• Reduce operating expenses

The Supporters

OSP Stock Feeds

Will provide annual financial data

Animal health care products

Auger truck deliveries

Manildra stockfeed