Australian Canola Meal


Product Description

A green / golden grassy meal, Canola is a brassica of the same family as broccoli, cauliflower and mustard.
Canola Meal is a product obtained from Canola Seed Oil extraction.  It is a valuable source of protein, energy and amino acids for animal feed.

The protein in Canola Meal is fully available to cattle. The metabolisable energy is directly related to the residual oil and gums in the meal. It typically ranges between 11 and 13 mega joules per kilogram of dry matter

Canola Meal is fed principally as an excellent source of protein. It also, however, has a big reputation as enhancing appetites in lactating cows.

Can be mixed with silage and other feeds in the paddock or on a feed pad.
In Australia, the meal is produced by either expeller or solvent extraction methods.

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