Dairy Goat Plus Pellets


Product Description

A 5mm dairy goat pellet with a pleasant fermented odour. Bulk density is 600kg/m3.
The pellet is produced from a combination of expeller pressed non GMO canola meal, mill run, barley and condensed distillers syrup.
It also includes good levels of added nutrients for vitamin and mineral balance, plus a mould inhibitor in the form of calcium propionate.
The balance of high quality protein and energy sources makes the pellet an excellent enhancer to on-farm forage and feed sources.
The product is produced from non GMO ingredients and complies with FSANZ Standards A1.5.2, A1.4.2 and A1.4.1 relating to GMO technology free from harmful pesticide residues and contaminants.
The pellet has been developed by a leading animal nutritionalist to provide a balance of protein and energy as well as inherent and added minerals and vitamins and to optimise production and maintain goat health within the semi intensive feeding and milking systems. The pellets are most ideal to be fed via an in-shed meal or grain feeding system. 

Production is at MSM Milling Pty Ltd, Manildra, N.S.W., Australia, in a purpose-built pelleting facility.

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