DDG Meal


Product Description

A coarse dark coloured free flowing granular powder with a pleasant fermented odour.
The product is the dried residue remaining after grain starches have been fermented in the process of producing bio ethanol in combination with yeasts and enzymes.
It is an excellent source of digestible protein and energy for cattle that is rich in cereal and residual yeast protein, minerals and vitamins.
The product is GMO Free complying with FSANZ Standard A1.5.2
It meets FSANZ Standard A1.4.2 for maximum pesticide residue limits.

DDG-S contain higher levels of metabolisable energy than almost all other dry feedstuffs. Research has shown that even small increases in ME levels result in significant production increases in high milk producing cows. DDG-S have excellent palatibility due to yeast fermentation flavours. Highly digestible fibre being on 33 percent NDF which results in increased nutrition, energy and stimulates rumen micro-organisms that improve fibre digestion.

Can be mixed with silage and other feeds in the paddock or on a feed pad.

It is manufactured by the Manildra Group at their bio ethanol production facility on their starch plant in Nowra, N.S.W., Australia.

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