Hi Starch Wheat Pellets


Product Description

A light coloured, well constructed highly palatable pellet with typical wheaten odours.  Pellet size is 8mm

This product does not contain any genetically modified organisms.

Hi Starch Wheat Pellets are a combination of whole wheat and wheat bran, also known as mill run. Hi Starch Wheat Pellets are an excellent substitute for whole grains as they are readily available and require no further processing.

The pellets are a source of starch and sugars for ruminant animals, the carbohydrates that are needed in the push for production gains.

The starch in Hi Starch Wheat Pellets is converted to propionic acid in the rumen (a volatile fatty acid) which supplies the rumen with energy and act to promote fattening.

Pelletising of the components increases the availability of natural components, especially starches and sugars.

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