8 May 2018

Still milking 281 cows 3.65 cows/ha
Over 1.7ms/day
4kg PKE/ 2 kg Grain / 2 kg DDG
3-4 kg silage
10th May plan to start last round and it has to last to end July as we milking all the way through this year.
Great weather today!!

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18 April 2018

Cows doing 1.75 ms
Feeding 3.5 kg PKE / 2.5 kg DDG / 3 kg Crushed Wheat / 3kg Silage
Some cold and wet weather lately but cows are putting weight on.
Target dry off condition 5
Currently 4.5 condition
Need 0.5 condition score in 50 days.

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9 April 2018

Cows 1.85ms/cow/day. Feeding 4kg Wheat, 1kg DDG, 1kg PKE. From today we will up the feed to 4kg wheat 2 kg DDG, 2 kg PKE.
and we may have to start feeding some baleage soon. The plan is to get the round out to 30 days by May and then early May start to push out to 40 days.
Will start AI on autumn calves at the end of this week. It is starting to get colder now.

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5 April 2018

Cows doing 1.9ms/cow
Feeding - 4 kg Crushed wheat / 1 kg DDG / 1 kg PKE
Milk urea currently @44

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19 March 2018

Getting another 10% of farm baled today.
Cows putting weight on again so that’s good!
Feed is 2 kg Grain / 1.25kg DDG / 1.25kfg PKE

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12 March 2018

Cows doing 1.95ms/cow

2.5kg Crushed Wheat / 1.5kg PKE / 1.5kg DDG

The cows have stopped losing weight, so now they have to start putting weight on. Their condition score has gone from 4.6 to 4.4.

Just made 106 bales of ballage and have another 10 % of farm locked up for next cut

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26 February 2018

2.1 ms/cow
Feeding 1.6kg DDG / 1.6kg Grain / 1.6 kg PKE
Have locked up 15% of farm for ballage.

Continuing to feed through the shed and hay on the track to maintain cow condition.

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20 February 2018

Cows doing 2.1ms/cow
Feed has been cut back to 2 kg pke 2kg dgg 2kg grain
Grass is growing like crazy.
Stocking rate is 3.67 cows/ha
6 week incalf rate 73-74%
8 week incalf rate 81-82%

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