12 January 2018

Feeding 3 kg grain,3 kg ddg,4 kg pke
3 kg grass silage.
We are getting very dry.
Slowing down the round length trying to keep some grass ahead of us.
Cows doing 2.2ms/cow.
Feed cost are costing 0.6ms/cow on $6.40 payout
SR. 3.65cows/ha
Cows are maintaining their weight
Need some rain soon

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18 December 2017

Some good rain over the weekend was great!!
Cows have grazed new grass now so whole farm back in the round. Stocking rate drops back to 3.7 cows/ha
Cows doing 2.3 ms/cow
3 kg DDG : 3 kg Grain : 3 kg PKE
2 more days of mating then we stop! Will have a shorter calving next season
Southland still needs more rain so hopefully more comes soon.

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11 December 2017

Feeding 9 kgs in shed
3 kg ddg
3 kg grain
3 kg pke
Cows doing 2.2 ms/cow
Should be able to graze new grass paddocks this week which will be nice to have whole farm back in the round.

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14 November 2017

Cows doing 2.4 ms/cow
feeding 3.5 kg crushed wheat
2.5 kg ddg/soya bean blend 66/33
Today is last day of 3 weeks mating.
Weather looks really good for this week.

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8 November 2017

Plenty of rain with no snow here but plenty in other parts of Southland .
Still plenty of grass cows still doing 2.4 and feeding 3 kg crushed wheat 2kg ddg soya bean mix.
Had 57% submissions for first two weeks so over 10% more than last season.

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18 October 2017

All finished calving and just gone over 9 ms/ha/day and still taking calf milk out. Cows are really kicking into gear now.

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28 September 2017

Just cracked 8 ms/ha/day and still climbing

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20 September 2017

Have had some very wet weather. We have had cows on pad at night and some days just to stop any pugging. It has been a battle.

The cows have been getting as much silage as they can eat on the pad and 5.5 kg of concentrates in the cow shed. Have held 2.4ms/cow/day through the bad weather on below average silage 10ME 7CP. Sunny now and grass is rocketing.

Aiming for 2.5m/s Over 90% cows calved.

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