20 September 2017

Have had some very wet weather. We have had cows on pad at night and some days just to stop any pugging. It has been a battle.

The cows have been getting as much silage as they can eat on the pad and 5.5 kg of concentrates in the cow shed. Have held 2.4ms/cow/day through the bad weather on below average silage 10ME 7CP. Sunny now and grass is rocketing.

Aiming for 2.5m/s Over 90% cows calved.

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12 September 2017

Over 85% calved now and already doing over 7 ms/ha/day.
Weather has turned very wet so started feeding silage on the feed pad for the milkers.
Will hit 2nd round on 16th September

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6 September 2017

Loving the spring growth we are getting.
Cows bouncing between 2.3 and 2.4 ms/cow.
2kg crushed wheat 1.3 kg DDG 0.7kg soybean
230 calved, 76 of them are heifers. 60 left to calve.
Aiming for 20 day round 2nd round

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24 August 2017

198 cows calved
2.35 ms/cow
3 kg Wheat
2 kg DDG-s
1 kg Soya bean meal
Have 92 cows to calve
Weather has been fantastic and we have heaps of grass.

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22 August 2017

Well over half way now
Weather in Southland has been very good, we have heaps of grass and everything is growing.
Cows loving their meal in the shed, DDG-s, Crushed Wheat, Soyabean meal

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16 August 2017

110 cows calved
Weather has been Fantastic!!
Grass is starting to grow

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8 August 2017

70 cows calved
23 replacement calves
First milk went to factory 07-08-17
Nice and warm days perfect for calving

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1 August 2017

17 cows calved. 125 cow springer herd ready to drop

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