28 July 2017

Calving has just started
We have 4 cows calved yesterday
All springers are getting transitioned to;

1kg DDG
1kg Wheat
5kg Soyabean meal
50g Gypsum
20g Mag O
20g Salt

2kg Grass
8kg Silage
1kg Hay

40g Mag C in the water

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5 July 2017

Dry off day today 114 cows all dry now
Did 7,200 ms in Winter Milk

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12 June 2017

1.6 ms/cow
2.3kg DDG-s, 2.3kg Grain, 2.3kg PKE, 1kg CDS
3kg Silage
Dryed early calvers off 09-06-17
Only milking 114 cows now will plan to dry them off early July

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6 June 2017

Cows still milking doing 1.6ms/cow
S.R 3/cows/ha
Feed 2.2kg PKE / 2.2 kg DDG / 2.2 kg Grain / 1kg CDS
3 kg silage
Cost of feed /cow/day $3.63
Payout $6.50 plus premium .70 = $7.20 x 1.6ms= $11.52
Plus saving $4 /cow/day winter grazing cost

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30 May 2017

6kg blend of DDG/Grain/PKE.
1kg Condensed Distillers Syrup. 2kg silage.
Stocking Rate 3.07
Scanned cows and 3 abortions.

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22 May 2017

It is very cold!!
Cows have dropped to 1.65ms/cow/day
2.7 kg of each feed DDG’s, PKE, Wheat.
6 kg silage through the bad weather
Will dry early calvers off 10th June. Late calvers 25th June

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9 May 2017

1.8 ms/cow
2.7kg DDG-s / 2.7kg Wheat / 2.7kg PKE
2.5kg Ballage
Stocking rate 3.45

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1 May 2017

Cows doing 1.9 ms/cow
Feed 2.7kg/day of each feed DDG / PKE / Grain

2 kg ballage/day

Stoking rate still 3.45/cows/ha

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