18 October 2016

Cows doing 2.5ms
Going into 3000 cover fantastic quality grass at moment
Cows are looking good to go into mating!

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12 October 2016

Cows doing 2.45.
Feeding 4.5 kg
0.5 kg more starch than ddg
Just cut 10% farm ballage
Cows condition score 4.76

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4 October 2016

Cows doing 2.5ms/cow .94 fat/protien ratio
Plenty of grass so cutting feed in shed down to 4.5kg/cow/day
2.5kg high starch 2 kg ddg
Milk urea 31
Cows are 470kg live weight average

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28 September 2016

Almost finished calving only 16 to go cows still doing 2.5 ms. We are now mowing in front of the cows to increase intakes plus the 2.5kgs DDG and 2.5kgs barley high starch pellet. We have been blessed with amazing grass growing weather and things are cranking !!

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20 September 2016

Grass is growing like crazy
Cows are milking really well over 2.5 ms/day
Feeding 3 kg high starch and 2.2 kg ddg
242 calved 38 to go
Doing over 7.5ms/ha/day
Target is to get over 9ms/ha/day

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13 September 2016

220 cows calved 60 to go. Starting 2nd round grass on 16th sept. Just about to finish first round of SOA fert at 150 kg/ha
Cows are getting 3kg ddg 3 kg high starch pellet in the shed

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6 September 2016

200 cows calved. 80 to go. 2.45 ms / cow at moment

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2 September 2016

Grass is starting to take off, the weather has been fantastic this spring.

Will be hitting 2nd round grass in a weeks time which will hopefully lift the cows to their peak target of 2.6ms / cow.

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